Dave PhillipsDave Phillips is a British born naturalized American. Born 1951 in Macclesfield, England, his family immigrated to the US in 1960. Dave returned to England for several years after graduating high school in 1970. He worked on the fish docks of Grimsby, in a tire factory in Manchester, and as a manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken in London. He then returned to the United States to pursue a career as an illustrator and graphic designer.  He was naturalized an American citizen in 1976.

Dave became the art director for Life-Like Products, a model train and miniatures manufacturer in Baltimore, Maryland. He later became a technical illustrator for VSE, creating drawings for military manuals in Alexandria, Virginia. In the late 80’s Dave became an independent illustrator and established an artist’s co-op in Baltimore called Art Over Easy.

All through his career as an illustrator, Dave also provided puzzle and maze content for books, magazines, and newspaper syndication. Due to this background, Dave was hired as a designer for electronic games. These companies included: Philips CDI, Capitol Multimedia, PlayNet, VideoNet, Legacy, and Smart Games. He also produces independent titles for publication with eGames and several other publishers.

Since 1995, Dave has made his living solely by providing puzzle, maze, and game content. In 2000, Dave established a relationship with Maize Quest, the Corn Maze Adventure. He now provides annual corn maze designs and games for over 100 farm attractions throughout the US, UK, and Canada.

Published Work

The following is a list of Dave’s published works:


  • The Zen of the Labyrinth, Mazes for the Connoisseur. Sterling Publishing.
  • Labyrinthine Puzzles. Arcturus Publishing
  • Over 40 books with Dover Publications including: Americana Mazes, Ancient Treasure Mazes, Haunted Pirate Mazes
  • Two books for Simon & Schuster: The Adventures of Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country
  • 12 Invisible Ink Magic Mazes books with Lee Publications including: Mazing Discoveries, Animal Word Scramble, Mystery Mazes


  • Content provider for Reader’s Digest’s Mind Stretchers series
  • Produced Amaze with United Feature Syndicate for newspapers
  • List of magazine contributions: Games, Omni, Scientific American, National Geographic World, Highlights, Ranger Rick



Electronic Games:

  • MegaMaze: Philips CDI, Dos.
  • Jumanji: Design of central game, Windows
  • Smart Games Challenge 3: Design of 15 out of 20 games, Windows
  • PlayNet: Design of 20 touch-screen games for coin-op platform
  • eBrainyGames: Design of over 50 puzzle games for value-line publishers including eGames, Activision, On Hand, Snap, and others. Visit www.eBrainyGames.com


Advertising/ Promotion:

  • Cover for Aerosmith’s Amazing CD
  • Cover for Mystic Paths a novel by Susan Howatch
  • Billboard campaign for Cadbury Chocolates
  • Maze props for the movie The Haunting
  • Placemats for Friendly’s restaurants
  • Mazes for various ad campaigns for financial institutions

Die-cut Puzzles:

  • Hallmark jigsaw puzzle: Amazing Maze
  • DaMert Die-cut puzzles: Perplexagon Snakes, Perplexagon Octopus